Nashville International Airport (BNA)

Address: 1 Terminal Dr.
Phone: (615) 275-1675
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Check Ins: 261852


  • Jaysyn Longoria

    You must be from Tennessee cause you're the only "10" I see. Enjoy Nashville!!
  • Rick Montgomery

    Check out Whitt's BBQ in the airport. Really good pork sandwiches.
  • Patrick Watts

    Favorite game at BNA: count the people flying with guitar cases.
  • Douglas M.

    Gotta use the Dyson Airblade hand dryers in the restrooms.. Awesome!
  • Cesar

    Hug the ones you love
  • Perry Ellis

    Business or Leisure Travel? Perry Ellis has you covered with stylish suits & dress shirts that travel well. Sport our comfortable, casual looks when you unwind. Work or play, travel with Perry Ellis!
  • Dave Delaney

    Welcome to Nashville! Say hello on Twitter if you need some tips. @davedelaney
  • Dragan Ramsey

    Get to the airport early to ease yourself through the lines; also, don't tease the airport police about being "rent-a-cop."
  • lara long

    Find the "expert" traveler lane in security if you actually know what you're doing
  • Katy Tafoya

    Love the Dyson hand dryers in the bathrooms.
  • Sabrina Champagne

    Check out the art!
  • Kristaline

    Try the Purity brand chocolate milk, sold at several places in the airport. Locally made and won 1st place at the World Dairy Expo!
  • Rex Hammock

    Changing planes at BNA is not exactly visiting, but you can sample a bit of Music City food/color/music at mini-versions of honky-tonk Tootsies, southern food Sweets, deli Noshville and others.
  • Christine Taylor

    Please, please provide free wifi!
  • Marcus Whitney

    Yes, you are hearing Country Music and smelling barbecue. Welcome to Nashville
  • Richard B

    I can't put my finger on it, but this place looks like the world's largest Starbucks.
  • Dave Delaney

    Pack a power strip and share it to make new friends.
  • Ann M

    Dyson hand dryers in the very clean bathrooms
  • Nancy VanReece

    Welcome To Music City!
  • Vivek Surti

    Dyson airblade!!! Try baja burrito for some local flavor... Or tootsies!
  • Chris Caldwell

    Try the airplanes.
  • Shelby Bruce

    There's always live music...usually country :)
  • Andy T

    Eat Baja Burrito and eat/listen at Tootsies, then visit their original locations
  • Brian D.

    Rates in long term A have risen to $13 per day. If you're going to have to ride a shuttle anyway, then park in economy!
  • Brad Poel

    Be sure your smart phone is fully charged and ipod synced before boarding.
  • Scoutmob

    Music City, Athens of the South, City of Rocks, Buckle of the Bible Belt, The Protestant Vatican, Cashville, Nashvegas, Guitar Town. Or just Nashville, y'all.
  • Frank Lizzadro

    By far, one of the best airports in Nashville.
  • Jason Tan

    Use the Donelson Pike exit if you are parking in the economy lot.
  • Jason Tan

    Short term parking is free for only 20 minutes. (Used to be 30.)
  • Katie Carrothers

    Definitely sit in one of Southwests leather chairs with the charging stations. Also they just redid the cell phone parking lot. Ask those picking you up to hang there. Its super nice.
  • Jennifer Zimmerman

    The cold chocolate drinks at the Godiva store are good, but run a little over $5. If you get one, make sure to ask for a thicker straw or try to get one @ Starbucks or you'll give yourself a headache
  • Shauna Causey

    If you have time to sit down and grab a bite, there are some incredibly talented musicians playing in the airport restaurants. Surprisingly good!
  • Albert Menefee

    Noshville Delicatessen has the best breakfast. It's kind of pricey. But if you're looking for quality, look no further than the B concourse atrium.
  • Tristan Lora

    If your in a hurry to get through security go over to the right side by Continental. The SWA/AA is way too busy!
  • Ryan

    Welcome to Nashville! The only place outside of Vegas where drinking whiskey at 9 AM isn't just accepted - it's encouraged!
  • Abhilash Patel

    Best. Airport. Bar. Live music all the time is pretty rad, even if the bar food is shanty.
  • Douglas q Hutchings

    Enjoy the sights and sounds of music city!
  • Sean Wilder

    I travel all over the eastern US and security at BNA is about as painless and hassle-free as it gets. It never takes me more than about ten minutes from curb to gate.
  • Scott Gordon

    Welcome to Nashville! But a hat and some a biscuit....write a country song. Now you are a local!! :)
  • Nashville Symphony

    Welcome to Nashville! Music City USA. Please visit the amazing Schermerhorn Symphony Center while you are here. We are across from the Country Music Hall of Fame. Get some violin with your fiddle!
  • Brent M

    Security is very slow here compared to other airports. Give yourself an extra 20-30 minutes to get through there.
  • K12 Inc

    Did you know? Nashville was originally called Nashborough and was named for General Francis Nash, a Revolutionary War hero. The city began as a fort on the banks of the Cumberland River in 1779-80.
  • Camille Breland

    Live music throughout the terminal, but definitely at Tootsies in C concourse.
  • Visit Philly

    Hey traveler: thinking about your next trip but want to cut down on airport hassle? Philadelphias just a direct flight away from Nashville Airport.
  • Scott Gordon

    Welcome to Music City USA. Please buy a pink cowboy hat while you are in town!
  • Michael Buckbee

    If you need to kill some time, you can play Wii Bowling at the Nashville Zoo Store
  • Kate

    Great place to visit if you plan to fly somewhere.
  • Kelly Loubet

    I love the small town... Down home feel of this airport. Get a taste of Nashville even if you're only changing planes. :)
  • Pete Plumer

    Eating low-carb while your at BNA? No problem. Try Baja Burrito chicken or steak salad. Yumm.
  • Mark Himmelsbach

    Just got free WiFi from Boingo. FTW!
  • Charlie Jones

    Paying for Wifi isn't worth it.
  • Dee jay Silver

    Slowest airport staff ever! Tsa is on vacation! Get here early
  • Audrey Petersen

    The gate agents at United jump through major hoops to solve your flight issues. Miracle workers every time!
  • Charles Van Dyke

    You gotta try the burrito place in Terminal C. So good!
  • Ashby Frank

    Watch your favorite white trash celebrities do the hungover red eye stumble every Sunday!
  • Nathan McIntyre

    Cigar Enthusiasts... There are a number of great cigar shops in Nashville. Visit Big Star Cigar, Uptowns, Tobacco Road, Stogies, Franklin Cigar or Smokey Cigar. authorized House of Emilio Retailers!
  • Jeremy Pittman

    Upgraded to first class for less than the baggage fee!
  • j tod fetherling

    Nashville is our nation's healthcare capital. Great hospitals and even better management.
  • Jason Fandrich

    If you're arriving to Nashville, make sure you ask for Cuestin Tequila everywhere you go! It's HQ is here, aged in JD Barrels and is the best you will ever try!
  • Nichole Levitsky

    Fly southwest!!
  • Stephanie Heer

    Always choose the Expert Traveler security, at least twice as fast!
  • Phil Dier

    In economy, go to the stop sign and turn right twice. Park and get on at the last shuttle stop. When you come home you can get off at the first stop an avoid riding the shuttle through the whole lot.
  • Anand Vankawala

    Go to Gibson near the southwest gate. Grab a beer and ask for loaded fries...not on the menu but they will custom make it for you :-)
  • Emily Harris

    If you're feeling hungry hit up Swett's in C or Noshville in B
  • Owen Martin

    C terminal graycliff lounge is nothing compared to the B terminal location. If you have time visit the B lounge for maximum luxury.
  • Megan Denny

    If you have a lot of time to kill, there are nice, comfy armchairs at gate C20 with outlets, good to snag for long layovers.
  • Susan Russo

    Blue Coast in Terminal C has pretty good, inexpensive Mexican food. The taco salads are tasty and the guacamole is made fresh daily. Good for grab - n-go meals.
  • DrBuddylee

    Love the new look of the airport and the art
  • Chris Drayer

    Come early and catch the live music at several bars.

    Enjoy Nashvegas!
  • Todd Murphy

    Security isn't as bad as the "popular tip" suggests. I was through in 5 minutes.
  • Douglas q Hutchings

    Very diverse culture
  • Cory

    Picking up? Park for 20 free minutes in Short-Term and chillax in the comfy lounges at the exit to each concourse.
  • Samsonite

    They don't call Nashville "Music City" for nothing! Check the schedule online to find live music offered at 3 stages here at the Nashville International Airport.
  • Amy Trapp

    Really cute kids play area at gate C17!
  • L Gillaspey

    No free wifi... Boo
  • C. A. Cline

    Do not, under any circumstance eat at Baja Buritto in terminal C. Terrible service, terrible salsa, bad prices.
  • Justin Heap

    the Starbucks here is actually well stocked, well versed, and relatively quick!
  • H T

    Enjoy the Hatch Show Print exhibit in A Concourse.
  • Katie Karambelas

    Great airport for toddlers! They have an awesome play area for them to wild out on so they are nice and worn out for the plane ride. This was a LIFESAVER for my 20 month old.
  • Gordon Crow

    Busy, bustling and incredibly well run airport. Friendly TSA crew here put all others to shame.
  • Wannado

    Check out the Wannado app for everything happening in Nashville!
  • Nancy VanReece

    Welcome to Music City! Get the Wannado App for iOS or Android to know what you @wannadolocal
  • Ray Grunch

    Don't fly Southworst.
  • Brian Mills

    Watch for celebrity @self24 while here. He flys in and out of here a lot.
  • Ross

    20 minutes of Complimentary WiFi is available in the Food Courts and Meeter / Greeter areas of the terminal. Connect through Boingo Hotspot
  • Nicole Kendall

    Southwest departures tend to be in the back, so arrive early if this is your airline.
  • Jason LeVasseur

    Fill up your water bottle at Whit's BBQ soda machine. Cold delicious free water!
  • Patrick Garrett

    Kiss your lover once you return.
  • Steve Chandler

    BNA has an air conditioned waiting room in the shuttle bus area. Great idea.
  • Kelly Connolly

    The Dyson space ship hand dryers in the bathrooms will (ironically) suck you in..don't miss your flight.
  • Taylor Tate

    Avoid sitting near small children, the elderly, or people who smile at you as you walk down the aisle. They will cry, possibly spread whatever cold they have to you, or talk you to death
  • Sarah Parker

    Pretty sure shoe shining stations are racist.
  • Davis Chaffin

    Go ahead and grab ya a shot and cold beer at Tootsies
  • Mallory Miller

    Love that there are no arm rests between the seats makes it easy to nap between flights. Oh and the hand dryers are awesome too!
  • Joe Hunter

    Pornoscanners in use! Refuse and get a grope! :-)
  • Joseph Bradley

    Free wifi from Delta via tmobile!
  • CassandrA Lafser

    The massages in Terminal C rock! Napolean is the best!
  • Alexander Loeb

    Pull two chairs together in waiting lounge for optimal comfort
  • Aliysa Patel

    going through security here is a dream. they are so efficient, even on big travel days. other airports of this size- take note!!
  • Dan Frazier

    Nashville has the fastest and most efficient security screening I have seen. Polite too. Good job, Nashville!
  • N. Amro

    If you want good drinks without Airport prices go to O'Charley's.
  • Nancy VanReece

    Check out what concerts are happening at The Schermerhorn Symphony Center while you are here! Beautiful concert space across the street from the Country Music Hall of Fame:
  • Kyle C

    Cindi, at American Eagle, knows her stuff!! She's so friendly and takes time to assist with any passenger in need for help, even if it's another airlines passenger!
  • Sandy M

    Wait for ppl to leave before exiting aircraft if u can spare the time - its more relaxed that way and u don't have to stand in queue
  • Compassion International

    More than 50 Compassion music artists and speakers live in the Nashville area
  • Phil S.

    park at the parking spot..
  • Dominique Overton

    Its gonna be a busy day don't come late!!
  • b!

    wear sunglasses & pretend you're famous!
  • Jonathon Attridge

    Try the deja vu brunch special
  • Krista Jerome

    The only airport that hasn't been updated to digital flight boards.
  • Eve Orsburn

    In Hudson News pick up The Social Media Business equation. It's my book an I think u will dig it.
  • amERICa

    One of the most poorly signed airports in US. Good luck on your first time through.
  • AK

    Eat the stuffed baked potato at Whitt's. A Nashville chain that puts BBQ in a huge potato.
  • M N A T 2

    ASK for beverage prices!!! Our server gave us that tip!
  • Mark H

    You haven't heard music till you hear Lisa T P's wailing. Definition of hell on earth!
  • Lisa Byrne

    Nail and massage place. Wish 4 once the layover was longer!
  • Cara J

    The expert traveler lane is great! :)
  • Erik Boles

    When going from the High C gates to C 1-9, cut through the food court to save time to your gate.
  • Brittany L.

    Check out to share upcoming travel plans, find travel advice and see who's traveling at the same time.
  • Sarah Nardella

    Neelys BBQ is only so so. Skip it and go to wendys.
  • Ines Rivas

    Southwest is the best airline ever!!!
  • Brenden Mulligan

    Avoid this place if you're looking to take a train or boat somewhere.
  • Darrick Gula

    Don't assume there is a gas station for the rental return on route to the airport. Navigate to gas station first.
  • Lindsay Hodges-Buchanan

    Do not wear a metallic thread sweater through the scanners. You will have to have a pat down.
  • Sue Hill Shultz

    Just landed! Can't wait to see Valerie Caroline and Crosby!!!
  • Mitchell Schellenger

    Fun Fact: You can't check a bag more than 4 hours prior to departure. Don't get here TOO early.
  • Tammy Gilbert Cardona

    Get there of you want to grab Starbucks at Terminal C...there's ALWAYS a line!
  • Ann Buchanan

    There's no place like Home
  • Vinnie Zarrillo

    Charlie's is good eatin'
  • Nancy VanReece

    Did you know that Music City is home the only cold-press juicer in the State? Visit " juice. Nashville" in the Gultch or online
  • Lena Wooten

    Greenest state in the land of the free and the home of the Grand Ole Opry! Welcome y'all!
  • Tyler Quarles

    I'd rather walk to my destination than fly Southwest Airlines ??
  • mark montgomery

    Welcome to the epicenter of the new music business #nashvillecreates
  • Kurt Uhlir

    "Like" if you've had problems with @Boingo wireless
  • Trisha

    Get POSHed! Ask for free samples at
  • Randy m

    Stopped by the Gibson bar to get a drink wow! $15.00 for a bloody Mary.
  • Drew McLellan

    Charging stations/outlets are not overly plentiful so grab one if you see it open!
  • Jamye Coffman

    Live Music at the Tootsies
  • Carter Angelo

    The security line is a nightmare, even mid morning on a Wednesday in february.
  • James

    Fuck the Titans
  • Justin

    No free wifi.... Get with the times already bna
  • Molly Adams

    Don't grope me!
  • Chad Hanson

    Why is everyone excited about blow dryers. They do a poor job and are gross if you accentually touch.
  • Brian Anthony Hernandez

    Try the airplanes. Like magic!
  • Shannon Self

    If you see @brianmills247 make sure you take a pic with this guy cause he is a celebrity #Famous
  • Jackson Miller

    Departing is great, but arriving is always better.
  • Bill Faeth

    To catch a taxi. Claim your bags then go down the escalator and walk out the glass doors. Taxi stand is on your left.
  • Bill Faeth

    Stop by Baja Burrito in the Southwest Terminal for great burritos.
  • Joseph Bradley

    If you have some time, go to Noshville for breakfast.
  • Stephen Jez

    The guy freaking out about the dyson hand dryers in the restroom is a tool.
  • Brian

    Fly Southwest
  • Nicole

    P/u free WiFi @ American Admirals Club (C10)
  • Tom Chiarella

    Play "spot the sweat pants"
  • Julianne Locher

    Watch out for birds trapped inside!
  • Jim B

    Hate the Air Dyers. Nothing beats the paper towel.
  • DJ Cabeen

    Your gateway to other worlds.
  • Danny Moch

    Another great airport to get your Wiiings. @redbull
  • Steve Chandler

    Welcome to Music City. You're gonna love it.
  • Nadine Marino

  • Todd Boltin

    I had better luck with TSA than Rand Paul.
  • Rick Blair

    The new rental car facility is a hike from the terminal
  • Terry Bean

    Get typsy!
  • toby

    Don't forget to check out Tootsies!
  • Kimberly Farmer

    Must try the ritas at Tootsies.
  • Elicia Brown

    Try hoppin' down the concourse on just one leg....quite entertaining....just sayin
  • Amit Joshi

    Bring your own magazines...newsstands are overpriced!
  • Brenda Zitzman

    Get local Olive & Sinclair chocolate at the Wellness store right past security on the way to Concourse C. Drink local Yazoo beer at Tootsies in Con. C.
  • JD "The Rev" ??

    Security uses the "new" backscanners. Take off your shoes, your belt, and don't even have paper in your pocket. Slows down security. Plan ahead!
  • Jordan Dillon

    No free WiFi...lame. And their TVs show about a minute of TV and then a minute of their commercials over and over which is just ridiculous when they are showing NFL games on Sundays. Booooooooooo!
  • Rafael Lemaitre

    Johnny Cash's infamous ring of fire is on display in terminal C until January. Don't fall into it.
  • Tia Akimmi

    Older "blonde" (black roots) TSA women needs an attitude adjustment.
  • Dustin Hannifin

    Ocharleys in terminal C - famous potato soup.
  • K Don

    Expert flyer security line. Excellent. And I second the hand dryers
  • Cory

    Flying Frontier? Get to the gate early if you want a seat while you wait.
  • Jeffrey Kent

    Park on level 3 on short term. You can almost always get a close parking spot.
  • John Barrow

    20% off at shops on most items for active duty
  • Roque Martinez

    Seating with a Business owner from S.C mapping out a business plan
  • Alan Grissom

    If you have an extra 15 minutes make sure to grab a drink at Tootsie's for a little "taste" of Music City.
  • Jessica Leboeuf

    Concourse C massage bar, ask for Christie.
  • Airport Parking Connection

    Get the discounted rates online at, use code "TWITTER" for an extra 10% off a parking reservation!
  • Stephen Hau

    Visit Tootsie's Lounge for some live music (Terminal C).
  • Kevin P.

    ....use the TSA "expert traveler" lane to get thru security lines FAST! ....but if you're slow , and left your brain & common sense @ home....stay in the slow lines!! ;-)
  • Gabrielle S

    economy parking accepts competitor coupons, but not mobile ones- you need the paper ad
  • JacQue Delgado

    the burito place by terminal c is medioaker at best. Pay 7.99 for internet use sucks! verry friendy people
  • Greg Melia

    So far, Nashville ranks right up there with other major cities ... Have to wait for a gate to deplane!
  • Chris Eclipse

    $4 dollars to smoke a cig. Unless you wanna travel through security.
  • Andrew Hogan

    Bert S looks intense
  • Danielle K

    When on a plane, don't sit next to a fat man bc his thighs will touch you and it will gross you out.
  • Tricia

    Valet parking is $20 while Short-term parking is $22 per day
  • Sandi posey

    Love the cell waiting area!
  • Brendan Williams

    Search "Help This Guy Meet Taylor Swift" on Facebook and like the page! I can't conquer this quest alone! Thanks! \m/\m/
  • Brendan Williams

    Help this guy from Dallas Texas meet Taylor Swift! Search: "Help This Gu6 Meet Taylor Swift" on Facebook and like the page! Thanks! \m/\m/
  • Brendan Williams

    Help this guy from Dallas Texas meet Taylor Swift! Search: "Help This Gu6 Meet Taylor Swift" on Facebook and like the page! \m/\m/
  • Virginia Watkins

    Cant wait to fly out from here to go to DC
  • Landon Howell

    The bars now offer go-cups for your adult beverages. That's neat.
  • Careasa Greer

    Frontier will give your seat away if you are not boarding when they call your section. MAKE sure you are at the gate at least 15 minutes b4 boarding time.
  • Rex Hammock

    The Nashville airport gives you a taste of local food. Like this from Swett's. Not as good as the real deal but better than typical airport food
  • Jeremy J. Lynch

    Make sure to stop by the Yazoo brewery in the c concourse! You can carry drinks around everywhere! Shots??
  • Frank Coughlin

    great place, stop in at Tootsies, for a drink and some live music either coming or going
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