Opry Mills

Address: 433 Opry Mills Dr
Phone: (615) 514-1000
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Category: Mall
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  • Brian D.

    Good luck finding a parking spot.
  • Ruhman Hall

    Do not walk and text with your head down.
  • Surbhi Sharma

    The lego store is awesome (:
  • jason A.

    best mall in the city
  • Brad Alan

    Eat at Chuys Mexican- Great Food, Fun Atmosphere, Best Margaritas, and Awesome Patio!!!Located at Mall Entrance 1. -No entry from in mall
  • Rich Kalonick

    It you don't walk clockwise around the mall you will get ticketed.
  • Scott Prins

    Bass Pro is not accessible from inside the mall. You must go outside to go into the store.
  • Ian Ritchie

    bring a snorkel!
  • The Downtown Fiction

    Make sure you pick up a copy of The Downtown Fiction's 'Lets Be Animals' here at Hot Topic
  • Alexander Frost

    This is a gigantic shopping mall! You'll surely find some store you like. My absolute favorite is the Gibson guitar store, but there's something for everyone. Plus, it's right next to the Ole Opry! +2
  • Karrus

    Men usually don't like shopping for woman for a surprise gift but the ladies at New York Inc were very helpful in making my selection a good one. Thanks to C'hara
  • Katie Hudspeth

    Don't come on sunday if you hate crowds!!
  • David L

    Nice shopping and very cheap prices for us Europeans. As always in the US the amount of staff are three times the amount in a European shop. Lots of nice brands!
  • Pappas Ross

    Nice mall, but the kiosk people are getting out of control
  • E Wheeler

    70% off on select women's cardigans at The Gap Factory Store! Holy Cow!! Also, you can save 20% when you open a new GapCard! Tell 'em Wheeler sent you!! :)
  • Keep A Breast Foundation

    Don't every let anyone tell you that you are too young for breast cancer! Check Your Self! every month. Download our FREE iPhone app to set-up automatic reminders. Prevention is the cure!
  • Nicholas Mather

    Big Charlie's Rubber Band played our music here right in the middle of the mall! They had us and other musicians every Saturday throughout the day. The mall itself is incredible and is second to none!
  • Shaker Cherukuri

    Nice food court. Free live music from budding artists. Great restaurants. LEGO store for kids. Rainforest cafe. Chuys and more. Movies. Can spend all day here with the family.
  • Kacey

    The mall has a nursing room in the family restroom at the food court. It has chairs and a lockable door.
  • Michelle

    This place is a mad house. Parking is terrible and people are rude.
  • Lindsay Van Horssen

    I swear this place is busy from open to close 7 days a week. I have never not seen the parking lot full. That being said, fun place to spend the day if you like to shop! Great food options as well.
  • Jessica Troccoli

    Park at entrance 5, by Macaroni Grill. There's always close parking.
  • Laura Graham

    Great little play area! Very clean and has charging stations for cell phones!
  • City Saver

    Use your Nashville City Saver coupons at the movie theatre to receive $2 off any full priced adult admission movie ticket at $8 or above.
  • Vincent Moore

    Try the Pyramid Cafe, great hummus.
  • Kansas

    Green Leaf's Superfruit smoothie is pretty amazing. You should give it a try.
  • Cherie W

    watch out for the tourist's on the weekends....can barely move.
  • Kimberly Hobaugh

    Best Victoria secrets store I have been to in a while! Helpful staff and everything in stock!
  • Alicia Grays

    Talbots has a great sale right now. 40% off the entire store and an additional 60% off markdowns!!!!!
  • J. Ajanaku

    Omg!! That mall is awesome!!! You can literally spend all day in there. && not just shopping its plenty of other things to do!!
  • Meghan Denney

    Come to yankee candle..buy two large jar candles get one free! (til may 13) Tell em meghan sent you ;-)
  • wendy reeves

    Rainforest Cafe at Opry Mills long line for lunch!
  • Kacy

    Not worth coming to until it fully reopens april 2012! Wasted trip....
  • gina

    Really big mall... u can find everything here..... only problem is it wont be opening till november because it got flooded and had 6ft of water in it
  • Glenn LaTerre

    We walk to the RIGHT, since you need to be told again.
  • Kitty

    Boot Barn has awesome selection and service!!
  • Liz Parker

    The food court places close around 9-ish ... so if you're leaving the 7pm Opry show, good luck.
  • Kaleena 'Kala' Harris-Schlein

    Avoid the kiosks like the plague! They are rude and one person at a kiosk tried to grab my arm to get me to try something. Horrible!
  • Sean Jones

    Just park in the back. The time spent walking from the back is shorter then actually trying to find a spot thats closer to the door
  • Daniel Fly

    Don't get hit by the train!!! Doesn't feel good!!!!
  • Michael J

    Valet parking is only $5. Save yourself some time and stress. Instead of trying to find a spot, just valet!
  • Fabian ??

    Dope mall.
  • Glenn LaTerre

    We walk to the RIGHT. If this is hard for you to do stay at home.
  • Drew Bentrott

    really nice restroom facilities.
  • Jen

    Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World at Opry Mills awesome
  • teresa harper

    Jake is carrying the girls bags
  • Saad Nasser

    its enough to me , I found every thing I want
  • Kim Wilson

    I LOVE the variety!!!
  • Adam Blount

    H&M grand opening June 6th!!!
  • Jos Collado

    50% off sale at Pacsun!
  • Chadwick Word

    Much better than before
  • W. Wayne Pugh

    Very Nice...especially Michael Kors!
  • Josiah Jones

    The massage chair is worth it.
  • S Inez Brown

    Don't go to think Fridays!
  • Chris Asselin

    They have a Chuy's Mexican Restaurant here now, which was the only highlight for me.
  • Joshua Coughey

    Soap dispensers in the bathrooms are always empty. I've not once gotten a drop of soap out of them. Disgusting and unsanitary.
  • Lexi Brown

    Best place forever 21
  • Juliane de Souza

    BoomBoom Sauce is amazing ?
  • sundeep gupta

    Found some great deals at Banana Republic and Calvin Klein
  • Tre C

    Flush the damn toilet!
  • Jason Zellman

    Make sure you know what entrance to come in. This place is way too large...
  • Eden Levesque

    Wear comfortable shoes, this place is huge!!!
  • Rebecca Green Posey

    Cole Hann leather purses are beautiful and better prices than Coach.
  • Joshua Lindsay

    Bring your parents lol
  • Pharris Garcia

    Do the climb wall at sun and ski sports!!!
  • Ali Braden

    Hustle Guest Services for a coupon book. Lie, tell them you're AAA, out of towners, @ a hotel, fb or foursquare check in, saw it in a "mention an ad"...anything, buying one is rare & pointless
  • Bobby Llanes

    Having trouble finding parking? Don't want to walk far to get to the entrance? Use Ameripark excellent valet service conveniently located at gate entrance 2 by the Polo Ralph Lauren Store.
  • Chitquita

    The air isn't working 100% so if you're easily irritated, go in the evenings!
  • Liz Hoxie

    Verizon Wireless staff members are used car salesmen. Go elsewhere.
  • Prakash Patel

    You must come here..
  • Emmalyne Farris

    One Day Only!: Hmmmm...this might be a sign that I need more work clothes...
  • Emmalyne Farris

    Savings in Bloom! Up to 50% off: The Loft store is quickly becoming one of my faves at Opry Mills.
  • Nancy Winters

    Great American Cookies have great Chewy Pecan Cookies!
  • Brian Burton

    This place is crazy. What was I thinking coming here for the grand opening?
  • Cathy Myers

    opening march 29th!!
  • Mark Weber

    Closed and may never reopen due to insurance dispute.
  • Rosana West

    Looking sad :(
  • Travis

    Half price apps and 3$ beets at tgifridays
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