Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center

Address: 2800 Opryland Dr
Phone: (615) 889-1000
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Category: Resort
Check Ins: 35770


  • Chevrolet

    We're here for the 2013 NWTF Convention! Follow @Chevrolet & #ChevyOutdoors on Twitter and for cool contests & swag
  • Ally Klopsch

    Bring comfortable shoes. This place is huge!
  • Karon Nemetz

    This place is huge, wear comfortable shoes
  • Shawn Samperi

    Stay away around New Years. Between the cheerleading competition and the Music City Bowl, this place is packed.
  • Jay Kim

    This place is so huge normal tasks take 10 times longer. Time gravity.
  • Jason Dargavell

    This Resort is like its own city...Try and get a balcony room so you can sit out in one of the several beautiful atriums.
  • Lucretia Pruitt

    It's faster to go from place to place via the room hallways than the main paths which are designed to take the 'scenic route'
  • Chris Sharpe

    see the Christmas lights
  • Dave Delaney

    Bring your own gum. The entire hotel does not sell it, for fear of damage to the carpets.
  • Ramn Muoz

    Use the wireless network. It is 3 times faster than the wired network.
  • Natalie

    If you're just wanting to see the hotel, park at the back of the mall and walk to Delta. It's really not that far and saves $$ on parking.
  • Lee Raney

    Check out the fountain light show on delta island near stax nightly 6:30 7:30 8:30
  • Matthew Caulk

    Make sure you visit during Christmas and take lots of pictures!! Super Romantic
  • Peter Blythe

    HUGE property ......bring walking shoes!!!!!
  • Terra

    Have a cocktail at the one and only Jack Daniels bar/restaurant. Findley's Irish Pub also has great food!
  • Matthew Cronan

    Get a bellman at check-in. It'll save you a lot of time and heartache. Make sure to take care of them!
  • jason A.

    greatest hotel in nashvile
  • Red Bull

    The perfect Christmas Wonderland
  • Beth Campbell

    Get breakfast at waters edge. In Delta $9.99 for full plate of food instead of $10 at the garden coffee shop for a muffin and coffee
  • Scott R

    Don't miss an inch of this resort, it's incredibly beautiful! Make sure not to miss the Delta Atrium.
  • Megan Killen

    Beautiful decor!! Take lots of pictures.
  • Kristina Walker

    The cleaning ladies organize your bathroom items!!
  • anita randall

    signage sucks. getting lost is inevitable.
  • Corvida Raven

    Take the halls and elevators around this place. Trust me it's quicker!
  • Christina Ward

    Grab a burger at Stax and enjoy the beautiful view on the terrace!
  • Glen Gilmore

    Bring walking shoes - and a map!
  • Ryan Edwards

    Agree get a bellman!! This place is massive, they have a lot of incite about the hotel..! Take good care of them!
  • DJ Cabeen

    There are MUCH better hotels in Nashville that are closer to downtown.
  • Amanda Farenthold

    Christie Cookies are so yummy! Especially the snickerdoodle!
  • Mark Weber

    Quite possibly the worst internet service of any resort in the country. Using my 4G hotspot instead.
  • Crystal Nichols

    Get a room with a balcony and view of the Delta. So nice to enjoy coffee while enjoying the waterfall view.
  • Anton Jackson

    It's expensive, but the service is top notch. Massive. You will get lost. That's inevitable.
  • Cynthia Maggard-Singleton

    There's a TREE in the revolving door. A TREE!!!!!!!
  • Cecily Kellogg

    This hotel has no Red Bull. Just so ya know.
  • Rose Myers

    Such a long line... Get more desk attendants.

    Give yourself lots of time to explore all the paths and gardens! They're a must-see during your time in Nashville.
  • alana

    Bring a jacket. The place is freezing.
  • Lisa Rollins

    Park in the unmarked lot South of the hotel for free ( just North of the Opry).

    This is a city of its own. You will get lost while getting around and enjoying the pools, the gardens, the restaurants and many other attractions. The rooms are not just simple, they are real beauties
  • Nikki Kanter

    It's like being in a casino... Without the gambling and free watered down drinks, of course.
  • Chris Houchens

    I pity you if you're pushing a stroller or are in a wheelchair
  • Valerie Russo

    The wifi is horrible. Skip the wait at the hotel restaurant and go into Nashville proper for food and live music
  • Parents Magazine

    You can ride a boat inside the hotel, which is full of flowers and trees.
  • tara wesely

    Back open & more beautiful than ever!
  • James Sorrells

    Take a cruise on the General Jackson, or walk the mall at Opry Mills. Dont forget the majestic Hotel, that however will cost you a parking fee...
  • Brandon K

    You would think that their staff would be more polite. Terrible service in ALL of the restaurants, long lines, and just rude. However, it's clean.
  • Thaniya Keereepart

    If being in a landlocked cruise ship and paying over price for fabricated culture is your thing, this place is for you. They even mark up starbucks coffee. Total Nashvegas. Nice people tho.
  • Kye Miller

    Watch out for the hookers and con artists that troll around the edge of the resort. They WILL cut you.
  • Drew McLellan

    Request a balcony room so you can enjoy the scenery!
  • Tiffany Tosh

    stayed here many times. ALWAYS check at the front desk that you have the correct bed size that you reserved. They always try to stick you in doubles with no view even if you paid for the upgrade.
  • Jorge Lee

    You can buy gums now
  • Ching Brubaker

    No cover charge at Wildhorse Saloon if you show them your room key!
  • Ching Brubaker

    They hide the coffee maker under the sink so you don't realize that it's there and end up buying $5 coffee from one of the shops.
  • Paul Kelsey

    Best hotel. Period.
  • Heather Sokol

    They aren't kidding when they tell you the key cards are sensitive. A cell phone will deactivate it.
  • Chris Gendek

    Take care of the bellmen.
  • Samantha Bateman

    This place is massive! I want my wedding here
  • Lindsey R

    Self-parking is $18. If you dine or drink inside the hotel, you can ask for parking ticket validation.
  • Tim Reynolds

    The worst internet access and performance of any major property I've been at for years. Page loads do slow it reminded me of the days of dialup modems.
  • Andrea Hazen

    Delta has most to see. Take the boat ride,its fun! Stax burgers dry..Pisano's italian great! FUSE sportsbar/club great also! Beautiful hotel overall!!
  • Sam G.

    I highly recommend the Monte Cristo for breakfast in the Cascades Cafe.
  • Rex Hammock

    Hotel, I mean, resort employees are not called "employees." They are called "stars."
  • Justin Hand

    If your vegan good luck.

    Get a massage at the spa. Ask for Austen he totally fixed the tweak in my neck. Worth the high spa price.
  • Bill Bakker

    When am I going home????
  • Kenya Benjamin

    This Hotel RAWKS, I want to visit their other locations...
  • "The Maestro" Scott Barry

    go to the falls. ask for anna or greg. best bartenders ever.

    So pretty during the Christmas Season.
  • Tammy Gilbert Cardona

    This is the place to go to get you in the mood for the Holidays!!
  • Erik Minman

    With the amount of cash you drop to stay here, you would think the level of service would exceed that of what you would get at Wal-Mart.
  • Justine Meyer

    Park for FREE at Opry Mills! Waaaay better than the $20 fee to park at the resort and its a super short walk!
  • Jay Kim

    Check Bags w/ bellman unless you like pain.
  • david burke

  • Grey Cotham

    The wifi here is kinda useless.
  • Sam S

    Gorgeous hotel to just wander around. Especially check it out in the winter when they have their holiday decorations up.
  • Ballz

    Make sure to ask for parking validation at the restaurant u visit if u self park... If not, it could set u back $20 bones
  • Sharon LuLu Avenue style advisor

    Best Place to stay with a lot Shopping !!!
  • Rie Sadler

    Wear good walking shoes, you'll need 'em!
  • Cristina Roman

    If you get a meal, you can get your parking validated!
  • JoAnne Kao

    Try the Dessert Sampler - Yay!
  • Samantha Sandhoff

    Definately have to Ask for a bellman to take your bags. Really big place! I expected a little of the staff to be more courteous though! Nice place!
  • John Thomson

    Go exploring. The whole place is gorgeous!
  • E's Closet

    Gorgeous to visit during the holidays! The Christmas Lights are spectacular!
  • Nikki Storebo

    All the restaurants in the Delta plaza are delicious!
  • Ginny R

    Avoid the room service food!
  • Esther Wadley

    Bring a jacket... The conference center is freezing!
  • Esther Wadley

    Check out the self serve fresh brewed Starbucks machines! Makes a great cup of joe.
  • Roberta Carrington

    Stax Burgers are excellent! Build your own and comes with 2 patties already! Yummy
  • Sandra Obagi

    Use the Happy Cow app to find vegan restaurants or Wholefoods, Tennessee not a vegi friendly town, lol
  • Christine Keller

    Wait before you sip the coffee. it isn't Starbucks and it will burn your tongue!!!! Century 21 rocks !!!!
  • Allison Moss

    Gotta go swimming. The pool is SWEET! :)
  • Faith Kalinowski

    If you want a great concierge, see ADAM KNAUF. He will for sure help you with any & EVERY thing. He treated us better than family :) So if you need something, ask him! :)
  • Joshua Justice

    TNLG is giving out vouchers to Stax and Paisano's at GP Nashville.
  • Brian Kajiyama

    A wonderful hotel....very large and easy to get lost in!
  • Kim Keelor

    Stunning,luxurious but packages w/built-in entertainment affordable for families. A must-do in Nashville. Remarkable service.
  • Cathy Supran

    Parking is $21 plus tax. Lots to see in the indoor gardens. Boat ride was informative, and only about $10.
  • Carla Roman

    Excelente atencion
  • Robert H

    Very expensive small rooms. Then add $21/day sekf parking, $18/day resort fees. Kind of like a cruiseship inside except restaurants expensive. The only pool was closed for a private party.
  • Sara Page Red

    Rockettes were amazing!!
  • Shambhavi Balasubramanian

    .. Go around Christmas. evening and night. With a camera to click photos. Insanely beautiful. <3
  • Nancy Kessler

    Breath taking love this place
  • Shawn Kirsch

    The basic wifi is painfully slow.
  • Mina Boktor

    Great hotel
  • Kellie Nail

    Beautiful atrium
  • Kellie Nail

    Beautiful hotel
  • Cj Brashear

    Very pretty but not worth the $, "Glitch" in the system apparently a lot of people get hit with the charge $171 and authorizes ( after pending for days ) w/out approval! BAD FOOD!
  • JD Eddins

    Most definitely... Save the $20 from parking at the resort and park at Opry Mills Mall. You'll need the extra cash for the food inside!
  • Tysh Forte

    You can easily get lost here! Don't feel weird about using the map you are given when you check in - you will need it!
  • Nichole V

    It might be summer but don't be fooled you will need a winter coat to help you around this resort. It's freezing at all times... Especially if you are here for a convention!!
  • Kristen Lally

    Crazy town! The bio-dome is insane! What a cool convention center.
  • Bret Elliott

    Bring a compass lol but enjoy the exercise
  • Sandra Hurd

    Wasn't the best experience would not come back most of the staff was nice but only to a point reservations were terrible ti work with.
  • Sandra Hurd

    So it does no good to request a king bed absolutely no special requests given here been cheaper to stay at the nasty Marriott by the airport
  • J S

    Staff is not the best- extremely slow and inefficient. Wasn't able to check in until 5 pm and then was told to wait in concierge line which was the slowest
  • Candice Henthorn

    Largest hotel/resort without a casino in the building. Beautiful Cascade area, and the Delta's pretty cool. I will be coming back someday to see more of the place, I might even venture to stay there.
  • Christina Daugherty

  • Alecia Parrott Jackson

    Park at the shopping area beside it and save $20:-)
  • Keith Lam

    If you are going to the convention there. Get a room closer to the convention center or else be prepared for a 15 min walk every day.
  • Deborah Light

    Plan to stay more than a weekend, so much to do and see!
  • Stuart Katz

    Don't park there -- Park at Opry Mills Mall next door. $20 to park at hotel even for 1/2 hour
  • Rob Vardeman

    Spending the weekend for the NWTF event with the Munzee scavenger hunt. Check out Munzee! @Munzee
  • Joey Pullins

    Avoid this place the last week of January
  • Julie Wilson

    Don't plan a convention here unless your participants are prepared to pay resort prices for everything!
  • Tim Helm

    Christmas is three best time to go!
  • Sharon LuLu Avenue style advisor

    I love this place during Christmas and of course we all love going to conventions here.
  • JadeRoberts SlyStallonelookalike

    Huge and beautiful. A city inside a hotel.
  • Darla Topley

    Great place, but my room key stopped working twice and it was no where near a cell phone.
  • Jillian Reading

    No unsweetened ice tea sold anywhere other than sit down restaurants
  • Chris Slattery

    Grab a free parking spot daily by the Gaylord Opryland Events center and walk a short distance to the Delta Portico entrance. Save $20 a day!
  • LaWanda Graves-Byron

    Beautiful hotel.Ridiculously overpriced. Italian restaurant food left a lot to be desired. Relache spa is AWESOME. Overpriced but the service is SPECTACULAR. Bring a sweater conference rooms freezing
  • Mike

    For those who think this hotel is all that ... you need to get out more often. 2.5 stars, tops.
  • Lee Ann White

    $20 for parking! It's cool but its not that cool!
  • Ching Brubaker

    Avoid room service. It's overpriced. Walk your happy butt down to one of the restaurants. Many of them are open late.
  • Ching Brubaker

    If you want peace and quiet, go to the Magnolia pool.
  • W Peck

    If you're visiting but not getting a room park next door at the mall and avoid the $15 parking charge.
  • Rawle Murdy Assoc.

    Make sure you get a garden view room. The views are fantastic.
  • Seth Ettwein

    Cranberry hibiscus tea is excellent!
  • Shaun Haney

    Ask to have your room close to the convention floor.
  • Lakeisha "ClassyShopper" Dulin

    Attending the Lia Sophia Regional Rally
  • Jayson Liddle

    Bring gloves for the ice show!
  • Matt Roberts

    Was here yestersay and saw shrektacular from the front row. Tip: don't pay for seats wait til everyone who pays is seated then go down. Great show by the way. Love Opryland hotel
  • Elyse Vergez

    Best resort ever!
  • Steve H.

    Went to a concert here. $4.00 for the very small bottle of water. What a rip off! As expensive as this place is looks like they could do better.
  • Steve H.

    Enjoying the Christmas lights. A must see. Wireless Internet worked great in the Cascades room we were in. Our bell man gave us good advise on the facility.
  • Becky Matthews

    Park at opry mills
  • Kala Dial

    Love the Christmas decorations throughout the hotel!
  • Marissa Milton

    Buy gum before you come and wear good walking shoes
  • Beatrice Beverly

    Get a deep tissue message with the towel treatment and finish it with a glad of red wine..It is marvelous!!
  • Cheryl Spangler

    Excellent....phenomenal..exit realty convention changing the minds of realtors
  • Sue Hutchinson

    The tip on parking lot was great! Thank you!
  • Jodi Hart

    We are at Juice Plus National Convention !!
  • JD "The Rev" ??

    This place is the biggest pain in the ass. I spent most of my time here either lost or walking vast distances. Avoid the Gaylord!
  • Mark Lag

    Yes, they tell you to bring comfy shoes for all the walking you'll do here. The hotels in Vegas dwarf this place so don't believe the hype.
  • Sandra Obagi

    Thanks for the tips. At the pharmacy convention. Thanks. FYI no coffee lids in the rooms.
  • Sara

    Bring your map! Easily get lost!!!
  • Scott R

    Ordering in? Grab the pepperoni pizza, it's sure to curb your appetite
  • Tori Dorn

    Lots of construction. Parked by the mall and walked at least a mile around to get in.
  • mike fabio

    Parking is 18 bucks. I'm not kidding.
  • waltermu

    Catch a cab to get to your room.
  • Ericka Gardner

    Garden Atrium rooms, super nice, BUT the pull out couch is not comfortable
  • Cook Loft

    I just stayed there and it was outstanding. The service and the food were great. It is not cheap but well worth the money.
  • Derek M

    Wow... this place was amazing. Amazingly expensive!!!! But amazing never-the-less. Will def be coming back with the fam sometime.
  • Dale Toney

    Use Magic Hands shoe shine at the Gaylord...rt next to Magnolia Lobby
  • Jason Scott

    I had no issue with the internet. Guess it depends where you're at.
  • Mark Weber

    It's reopened, not much has changed. Customer Service is better, but the food is still bad and overpriced. And Fedex xharged $130 to deliver four boxes within the hotel.
  • tom saunders

    here two more days
  • Deb W

    Put your walking shoes on! Just to get to the elevators can be a distance.
  • Mike Gr

    Do not order room service, go out to eat! It was very poor, the chicken breast is what I had, yuck
  • Darryl M

    Play a game in the arcade.
  • Tracey van der Spuy

    If you meet a guest here, don't plan on parking...all the lots are blocked. Plan to just pick the guest up at a prearranged location.
  • Bill Hartman

    Keep an open mind when staying at the resort. Extra 15.00 resort tacked on the bill with one night stay. Didn't see that one coming. But it is a beautiful place.
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