Bridgestone Arena

Address: 501 Broadway
Phone: (615) 770-2000
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Category: Stadium
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  • NHL

    Survival Tip: Section 303 is a group known as "The Cellblock". They refer to themselves as "the loudest section of the loudest arena in the NHL." Make sure you're ready to be LOUD if seated here!
  • Nashville Predators

    Make sure you visit for a Preds game! Watch some great hockey with the best fans in the NHL.
  • Ellen DeGeneres

    CMAs were taped here the past two years and Ellen sent me to cover the red carpet! Ive got to tell you, country music stars are as nice as they seem! Jeannie
  • Nashville Predators

    If you're a college student, come to Smashville on a Thursday night to get tickets as low as $10 with your college ID. It's College Night, presented by Best Buy!
  • ESPN

    In the year 2000, this arena was Upset Central, as it saw Kenyon Martins No. 2 Cincinnati and Michael Redds No. 3 Ohio State both lose during the second round of the tourney.
  • BigBen Preds

    Look for me around the arena at Preds games. I will be the painted guy on the megatron!
  • National Post

    Can Pekka Rinne come through in net for the Predators? Check into Posted Sport's full NHL coverage at the link:
  • Megan M

    To watch the Nashville Predators play of course! The fans are loud and outrageous and the games are so much fun to watch! Go Preds!
  • Codey Holland

    Catch a Nashville Predators game from Cellblock 303. Be ready to yell, laugh, and have a great time!
  • BigBen Preds

    Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle
  • Bridgestone Arena

    Venue Presale for Train/Maroon 5 starts 4/28 at 10am until 4/28 at 10pm. Ticket Limit: 4 Presale Password: VOICE
  • Rick Neighbors

    Even in the nose bleed section u still have a great view of the action
  • Garrett Bartley

    Go Preds!
  • Debbi Tannock

    Go to see the Preds play but remember to bring cash if you want a snack. Most of the kiosks do not accept cards.
  • Brian Copeland

    Built in 1996, the arena cost $144M and has hosted over 12 million visitors. It's been named Nashville Arena, Gaylord Entertainment Center (GEC) and Sommet Center.
  • Angela Myatt

    Go Preds!
  • Rebeka Wright

  • 1075 The River

    If you're heading to a concert or game make sure you look for us on the plaza first for your shot to win prizes, ticket upgrades, and more!
  • Tom Jones

    Free tires with every ticket!!
  • Bridgestone Arena

    Venue Presale for Sade starts 6/23 at 10am until 6/24 at 10pm. Ticket Limit: 4 Presale Password: JAMIEPOSEY
  • Wendy Monday

    Celebrating it's 15th birthday this year (2011).
  • Andrew Chmiel

    bring cash for parking the hilton run $20 during games.
  • Red Bull

    Dont miss Bassnectar NYE!
  • Aaron Oaks

    Section 303 is definitely the roudiest!
  • Bridgestone Arena

    Venue Presale for Eric Church starts 1/12 at 10am until 10pm. Ticket Limit: 4 Presale Password: PREDS1
  • Kristopher Martel

    Best section in the entire arena. Don't be fooled by imitators. Best view, best fans!
  • Manda Patrick

    Cheer loud and proud
  • Lindsey Woody

    Check out the food network booth for some amazing eats!
  • Hadley Mackin

    GO PREDS!!!!!
  • City Saver

    Use your Nashville City Saver coupons to receive a free Predators goal zone/lower bowl ticket when a second is purchased, a free hot dog/soda with any regular prices ticket or 10% off at the pro shop
  • Grey Cotham

    Great place to catch a Preds game or a concert! Not a bad seat in the house! If you have never been to a Preds game, make sure to go! They're so much fun, and you will get addicted! Go Preds! :)
  • Andrew Chmiel

    Grab a beer out front and bring it inside saving of 20% off the over priced beer and dogs.
  • Andrew Chmiel

    Stop by Rippy's 1st & have a pregame cocktail.
  • andrea

    Learn the cheers
  • Jessica S

    Go Preds!
  • Michael Flowers

    During hockey games, when intermission starts and you need to go to the restroom, search out a family one...lines are usually shorter.
  • Greer Hardimon

    I know nothing about country music, but I'm here.
  • Vivek Surti

    Cheer on the Predators!! Now you can even get a Yazoo beer there!
  • Lipman Brothers

    Yay for craft beer @ Bridgestone!
  • Jeff White

    Get cold and check out the ice
  • Buddy Yelton

    Don't pull Gnash's tail.
  • Sheena

    there is no bad place to sit. you have a good view from everywhere!
  • Javier R

    On April 9th 2014, UConn defeats Notre Dame 79 - 58, to win the 2014 NCAAW National Championship. Congratulations Huskies! on your 9th title & 2nd in a row for the women.
  • Scot Reutzel

    If you're a Predators fan check out the cool fan made shirts at
  • Chadd Zartman

    Dress warm! Might be the coldest arena in the NHL.
  • Jake Smith

    Call the visiting goalie a sieve!
  • Holly Taylor

    Wear some warm duds! The zamboni makes great ice fir ice bags :)
  • Breanna

    Section 114 is amazing here for concerts. You have a perfect angle to take pictures and get the artist to read your signs (if you make any)
  • Brian Kindred

    Don't pick a fight with Tootoo
  • Tiffany W.

    $2 Tuesday! Come get cheap nachos & hot dogs!
  • Karisa B

    College Night is Thursday night home games. You can get $10 and $25 tickets w/student I.D. at the box office.
  • Nicole Kendall

    Make sure you check out the venue layout for the event being hosted...especially for Preds, WWE matches, and concerts.
  • cam cornelius

    Smashville does it right! Go Preds!
  • Jim Hennessey

    Nashville is a Hockey Tonk Town
  • Brilliant Solutions

    Hockey on the ice is something everyone should experience at least once!
  • Billboard

    Not too many bad seats in the arena, but if you want the best experience try and get tickets for the 100s section! Your favorite artist might see you singing along!
  • Chris Seigal

    Shoot outs kill us
  • Keith Cash

    Hockey is back.
  • Kristin Beach

    Glad Preds made a deal so I can use my City Saver coupon for a free ticket!
  • Anthony Geo

    The cheap seats are better than the Yum Center's in Louisville, KY!
  • Jenny Wedin

    GO WINGS!!!!!!!!
  • Mandy Godsey

    Just trip the opposing teams fans down the stairs lol
  • Chris A

    thursday is college night
  • Kimberly Provo

    Colder weather baby :)
  • April Morris

    Do not wear TOMS lol. It's extra cold in here!!!
  • Christopher Griffiths

    Put peanuts in your beer it makes it better
  • Morgan Mayton

    Parking 30 bucks!!! Really?
  • Emil Pugh

    There isn't a bad seat in the house.
  • Toni Reader

    Don't use the washrooms. Both mens and womens are filthy. What's up people? Is that how you guys live?
  • tara wesely

    Don't bother attending a concert if you're in the 300s, you can't hear it at all. Poor sound.
  • Blake Darrell

    If you can get in, the Patron Club is really nice.
  • John Seever

    Wonderful and amazing so far. Bridgestone personal are very friendly and knowledgable.
  • Barb Jones

    Women's Final Four was the event and it was great. Nice stadium and good seats (a little small for my wide butt but good view).
  • Amy Bourke

    Great arena!! Had a blast watching my Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Nashville Predators!!!
  • Shaker Cherukuri

    Winter wonderland
  • Chelsea Rogers

    Love going to Preds games!
  • Dean Gardner

    Great place to bring the family for some good hockey.
  • Walt

    Great game!
  • Jennifer Knapp

    Third floor has air hockey. Great way to pass time between periods.
  • Grady Mcgill

    Awesome place, great experience and staff, shame on the managment for not letting fans and kids not be able to high 5 the players unless they had tickets to that area, lets go preds
  • Mary Welch

    Arena won't like kids high five players. Other arenas care more for kids and hockey traditions. Shameful
  • James Hendrickson

    Come down here where you can see great game and awesome concerts...
  • Sean Ryan

    All hail the mayor and king of finance/accounting!! Go Preds!!
  • Derek LaFrance

    The mirrorball is Awesome
  • Willy Hrachovina

    If you ever get the chance to see Taylor Swift here never pass up the opportunity. The crowds are always super excited and she never fails to bring in awesome special guests!
  • Chad

    One of my favorite big arenas to see a show. Each time I've been there for whatever band it always is a good time!
  • Neville Shende

    If you are an Adult who plays hockey, you must sign up for The Breakfast Club hockey during the week. Best scrimmage hockey this side of any organized recreational hockey league!
  • Ashley Brown

    If you are a Preds fan sit in 303
  • Jeannie Smith

    The new credit card check in works well.
  • Alistair

    Best fans in the league you say... So how come there are front row seats available.. #awkward
  • Shelli Moring

    Great barbeque!
  • Matt Hawk

    Men's bathroom is disgusting!!!
  • Crystal Elsey

    Can't drink at the SEC tournament. Buy a beer & a Pepsi... ;)
  • Noel Walsh

    Don't go to the waffle stand
  • Teshawn Edmonds

    Smash dem plenty! Come on, you Predators!
  • Neville Shende

    The Breakfast Club hockey at 6:30am is the best way to start the day ever
  • Chris

    Eat before you come to your event.
  • Ken Rhodes

    Top-rated Pollstar facility. Excellent concessions, dedicated staff.
  • City Saver

    Useyour NashvilleCity Saver coupon book to find several money-saving offers.
  • Michael Flowers

    If you are bringing young kids to a concert, don't buy floor tickets. Floor chairs are not stable enough to stand's a safety hazard.
  • Linda Clark

    Love this place and wish the Press were playing as a season ticket holder I am bummed by the greed.
  • KickTickets

    Bassnectar New Year's Eve 2013 at Monday, Dec 31, 2012, 09:00 PM.
  • Bethany Lyke

    WWE Raw Live events are amazing!
  • Jazzmin Wilson

    Great place to see Disney on Ice. As an adult. With no kids. XD
  • Chad

    Great place to see a concert! There is not a bad seat in the house.
  • Jaymz Banks

    I work on the change over crew... if ya spot me, say hi!
  • Katie D

    Justin Bieber's favorite venue.
  • Carey Hook

    Try the food network booth. Best meatball sub in the building
  • Jody Markle

    Act like you've got common sense are the opponent's fans. It'll piss them off more than insulting them. Plus, we've already got their money.
  • Laura Bouchard

    Is it just me or does the kool n da gang singer look like chris tucker from rush hour. Lol
  • Academy of Country Music

    Check out this ACM Award winner for Venue of the Year! (2009[Sommet Center], 2011)
  • Jimmy Harper

    Sit close.
  • Frank Espel

    Go Bearcats!
  • Tammy Free

    What can I saw, I love my Predators!
  • Jamie Lethiecq

    $1 beers at the Patron Platinum club on the second floor after the game. It's also where the live radio shoe is done with an occasional player turning out for a talk.
  • Genesis Career College

    Go Preds!!
  • Cheryl Norris

    Make sure you come to a hockey game here, the preds fans are the loudest and best in the league! I guarantee you will have a great time at the game!
  • Casey Wilson

    For those fans 21&up: After the Predators game, you can show your ticket at Bootleggers Inn (broadway&2nd) and receive a free adult beverage after your purchase of 1 adult beverage!
  • Hannah Mills

    get the super nachos with everything!!
  • Jeff Kleoudis

    Preds Nice!!!!!
  • Joe Stewart

    Enjoy the stir fry at the club level. It's Delicious!
  • J.J. Brent

    After the concert, head down to Wanna B's at 3rd & Broadway to sing karaoke in Nashville's coolest crooning spot.
  • Miguel Ortiz

    OMG WWE Monday Night Raw was Aw3som3 here!! If you ever want to come see some entertainment and there is NO predators game...then come see RAW, You'll get ur money's worth.
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