Song of Solomon Reading Room and SPICE Parties

Group Description

SPICE parties exist to give married couples a way to experience a sexy evening in a safe comfortable setting. †SPICE parties have a highly sexually charged atmosphere of dancing, fun and conversation. Most couples are shunned if they explore their sexual side too deeply, so SPICE is for couples wanting to expand their sexual life as a couple and donít have a safe place to discuss and experience what sexuality and intimacy can be in a sacred marriage.

This group is for all those couples out there that want to experience more passion in their marriage. Are you wanting to take your intimate relationship to the next level? Do you have desires and fantasies that are difficult to express to your mate without being embarrassed?

We feel that our Creator has given us a wonderful opportunity for intimacy in marriages that is not expressed very well in our houses of worship or society. Some think it is taboo to speak of sex when speaking of things spiritual. We disagree. †Remember, †this group is not afraid to approach steamy subjects. And its possible this group is not for you. It is for those who have an open mind, are not easily offended, or have an agenda. If this approach interests you, join our group.