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N.A.S.A. Moms Meetup

Don't just join it... Be apart of it!

Thank you for the interest in our group! This group is N.A.S.A. Moms, which stands for Nashville and Surrounding Area Moms. This group is for both working, pt working and stay at home moms with infant to preschool age children from all over the Nashville area. There will be activties that meet the needs of both types of moms along with meetups that bring us together. There are children of all ages from newborn- 5 years old in this group. There are also moms nights out, family style meetup where dads and older siblings are welcome to come too! There is a $5 due within the 30 trial period and on July 1st, this covers the cost of the website. 

My assistant(s) and I work hard to have playdates and activties that work for all of the group members. The more I and the other organizers know about you, the better able we will be to create activities and atmosphere that will be suited to you. This is why completing your profile and uploading a photo is so important. We encourage you to be involved! Suggest playdates and host them too! 

Many of us joined when we were new to motherhood or new to town and were interested in meeting people and developing friendships not only for our children, but for ourselves.In the age of social networking it can be difficult to find opportunities to connect with real people, and our intention is for N.A.S.A Moms to be just that. Yes, let’s be friends on facebook, but let’s also meet face-to-face, get to know each other, and be friends, for real. I’m looking forward to meeting you!


***To be approved for membership you MUST first Upload your photo and completly fill out your profile***