Nashville Flag Football

Group Description


It's time to get some year-round flag football in Nashville! I started this Meetup for adult players of all skill-levels to get together and play some flag football! It's also a great way to meet new people!

Each week we play fun, competitive and organized games in a relaxed and friendly setting! Depending on how many people we have each week, we will play 1-4 games, ranging from 6-10 players on each team (check out past Meetups to get an idea of the Group size).

There's no need to bring anything other than yourself, cleats, and your game! We have flags (Flag-A-Tag "Sonic Boom"), cones, jerseys, footballs, water, and two full-sized painted fields!

Membership dues are $40 for the entire year and that'sto help cover the cost of paint, flags, cones, jerseys, water, & the monthly Fee. Basically just throw in some money when you can to help with the costs. It's less than $1 per week!

I promise that you will get more football from this Meetup Group than any league around a fraction of the cost! We play for 2-4 hours each week!

So if you're ready to play some flag football, sign up and come on out!

See you on the field!


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