Kid Lit

Group Description

Kid Lit is open to those wanting to write or illustrate everything from cardboard books to young adult themes. It is a serious and caring feedback group for those ready to accomplish their goal of being published writers.

In addition, we would like to encourage more illustrators to join our ranks and not only come to any of the regularly scheduled meetups, but also to start new ones focusing on the art and business of children's book illustration.

The group meets every two to three weeks. Each meeting we focus on 3 members' projects within one of the following children's sub-genres -- Picture Books, Chapter Books, Middle Grade Young Adult.

Those who want to receive feedback, insight and next steps on their current projects are encouraged to email no more than two chapters at least a week prior to the meetup. If you do not want to leave an electronic paper trail, please bring copies to the meeting and after we discuss those works that were emailed around prior to the meeting, we will try to get to yours. If we don't, we will take them home and either give you feedback via email or make time at the next meeting to discuss.. We will definitely offer support and resources.

Welcome again.


P.S. Dues are OPTIONAL. Please do not feel obligated to pay anything. Meetup charges a fee to run the group. If you are able to help out, great. If you're not, but still want to be in this group then don't shy away just because there are "dues."