The Working Professionals Comic Book Club of Middle Tennesse

Group Description

This Meetup group is meant to be a gathering of adult working professionals, age 25 and over, who enjoy the comic book medium. The Group will meet once a month on a Sunday at a locally-owned restaurant for lunch in the early afternoon. This restaurant will be determined by its location near a comic book store. After lunch, the Group will move to the nearby comic book store for a little browsing and buying. Attendees are responsible for their own comic, food, and drink expenses. The Group aims to provide a social environment to a segment of the comic book fan population that does not typically have access to comic book clubs. Adult working professionals can also find it hard to meet and socialize with others who have similar interests given the responsibilities of career and family. Therefore, the Group hopes to arrange social events free of work and family obligations where like-minded individuals can congregate to enjoy comics. The Group also aims to support local small businesses by meeting at locally-owned independent comic book shops and restaurants. In addition to the regular meetings, where attendees are free to come and go as they please, the Group can arrange meetups at conventions, concerts, parties, film showings, or other events in the Middle Tennessee area. Guidelines This Meetup group is limited to adults age 25 and older. Attendees with children must find childcare options during the meeting times.